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Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 Episode 3 Recap And Review: Saetani’s Freedom, Yeon’s Bucket List

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (구미호뎐 1938) is a sequel to the much-cherished fantasy Kdrama of the same named and is directed by Kang Shin-hyo and Jo Nam-hyung. The Kdrama stars Lee Dong-wook, Kim So-yeon, Kim Bum, Ryu Kyung-soo, Kim Young-ji, and Hwang Hee alongside other forged members.

Ice Cream on a Stick BittenThe sequel brings the gumiho Lee Yeon away from his completely happy ending and again to the 12 months 1938 where he once again comes face to face together with his brother Lee Rang and Ryu Hong-joo. Now, he has to seek out a approach to return to the current and to his loved one, but this isn’t one thing that can come to him simply.

The present will have sixteen episodes and be broadcasted on tvN’s Saturday-Sunday 9:20 PM KST timeslot beforehand occupied by Pandora Beneath the Paradise. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 episode 3 has a run time of 76 minutes.

The synopsis of the present reads:


-Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 Episode three Recap Contains Spoilers-

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 episode three begins with a ruckus that’s brought on by Japanese envoys at Myoyeongak which is handled efficiently by Hong-joo. But when the envoy doesn’t be taught his lesson and harms one of many gisaengs, Hong-joo doesn’t back off from taking her revenge.

Meanwhile, Rang overhears Yeon telling Shin-joo about leaving inside a month which leaves him stunned as he goes to a bar. There he sees a mermaid on the stage who’s none other than the lady who helped him when buying clothes. The 2 are immediately drawn to one another after Rang saves her from a dispute in return to which she offers him a scale from her tail.

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Then again, Moo-younger releases a Saetani, which is a curse that he sends to Yeon. Yeon is awoken instantly and appears around to see nobody, unaware that the curse has already taken place. The following day, Hong-joo and Shin-joo have a memorable reunion the place the former finally ends up beating the latter.

Later, Hong-joo leaves to meet Moo-younger while Yeon can be called by an unknown particular person. Hong-joo tries to seek out out what occurred between Moo-younger and Yeon. Moo-young diverts the topic and asks her about her family solely to seek out out that they all died when her buddies weren’t around to help her.

He’s stunned however when Hong-joo tries to ask him the same query again, he tells her that Yeon is arriving and sends her to him. Yeon arrives at a close by bridge and sees Hong-joo standing there with the flowers given by Moo-younger. But when he steps forward to approach her, he instantly feels all the things go blind.

Hong-joo is shocked and catches him when Moo-younger arrives behind Yeon and tries to attack him. Hong-joo stops his assault and takes Yeon away. At Myoyeongak, Shin-joo checks his sight and tells him that he has gone blind. He then tells Rang to take care of Yeon whereas he appears for a solution.

The 2 are left alone and Yeon as soon as again starts to untie the knots in Rang’s heart. The 2 then spend a while when Rang helps Yeon find his method via the yard. Elsewhere, Eun-ho’s father is able to obtain his Order of Military Merit, whereas Ryuhei Kato sends his subordinate to regulate Eun-ho’s movements.

Alternatively, Shin-joo suggests exorcism to assist Yeon and soon leaves. Yeon is then left with Hong-joo who provides him a alternative. To either be with her or make her his enemy. When Yeon makes it clear that he won’t be along with her, she asks her subordinate to spread the information of him being blind.

Later that night time, Yeon is left all alone at Myoyeongak. He comes out and hears an unknown voice which alerts him. Soon, he is surrounded by 15 males who’re right here for revenge and start attacking him. Yeon fights again effortlessly whereas listening to their movements and remembering the way Rang navigated him.

Hoong-joo sees this and orders to have him lose his sense of hearing by enjoying music. Yeon is quickly pushed again for some time, but not for long as he damages the lighting of the place and fights back at the hours of darkness. Seeing this, Hong-joo leaves and lets Moo-young do whatever he needs.

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However, Shin-joo prepares the exorcism circle and provides Rang directions on what to do earlier than leaving. When the clock strikes midnight, Rang follows the directions and witnesses bizarre things taking place round him. He then rapidly begins to leave however senses someone following him.

Rang begins working to escape however when he reaches the entrance of Myoyeongak, he’s made unconscious by Moo-young. Elsewhere, Shin-joo too is taken away by Moo-younger in the same manner.

Yeon soon takes care of his attackers and looks for Rang and Shin-joo when an arrow passes by him with a message. But this becomes a cause of frustration for him as he is unable to read what’s written. He soon comes out of Myoyeongak the place the Saetani is ready for him and reads the message before main the way for him.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 Episode three Ending

Yeon quickly reaches the bottom of the mountain where Saetani was captured. He begins searching for the 2 when arrows are rained on him by Moo-younger. Yeon realises that it is the man in the red-white mask and that he is enjoying with him right now. He strikes lightning on him and escapes to the place the place Saetani was held.

She then questions him about her title and why he didn’t save her. Yeon then remembers how he promised a little lady to grant her a wish. But when the woman was made the Saetani and kept in a field without meals and water, he didn’t arrive.

Yeon feels guilt and remorse because of what he did. He apologises to the woman and remembers her name, eradicating the curse on him. The lady then tells him Rang’s location and is lastly liberated.

Yeon rushes to save lots of Rang and Shin-joo, serving to the latter out of the properly as he was already climbing out. Shin-joo then tells him that Rang continues to be contained in the effectively. Suddenly, a woman comes operating and jumps contained in the effectively. It’s the mermaid who had given her scale to Rang which let her know that he is in danger.

She saves him and a bond is formed between the two. Seeing the 2 collectively, Yeon decides to verify to leave somebody subsequent to Rang earlier than he has to depart.

On the other hand, Hong-joo meets with Taluipa and finds out that there is one thing mistaken with the Yeon in entrance of her. She additionally finds out that it wasn’t Taluipa who released him. The series of knowledge pursuits her, and whereas she is stored imprisoned quickly by Taluipa, she begins to plan for what is to come subsequent.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 Episode three Review

The excitement has taken one other turn as Yeon gets nearer to discovering out who the masked man is. And with a new item on his bucket listing, a new romance is soon to be seen in our gumiho’s tale. And if the love between Rang and the mermaid really takes place, then we can guess where his impeccable style in the later years came from.

This episode brought us closer to the childhood of Yeon and while it is gorgeous, a lot of ache can be connected to the past. However, it’s Hong-joo who is suffering essentially the most and the opposite two are unable to grasp this.

While the rivalry between Yeon and Moo-young continues, it’s Hong-joo who has behaved the most maturely in this trio. Even when her mates failed to help her when she wanted them the most, she bears no grudge and welcomes them with open arms.

Now figuring out the tension between the two, how Hong-joo proceeds from right here is what pursuits us. That is apart from Rang’s love story and the one that launched Moo-young.

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