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Movie Star Interview: MIJOO on Belonging on Stage, Making her Anticipated Solo Debut And More

N3 A Man Drinking with a bottle or construction workerLeaving her outdated days at Woollim Entertainment’s Lovelyz behind, MIJOO opened up about being her greatest self on the stage in the brand new Movie Star interview video that was released on May 13, 2023. With only a few days left earlier than her official solo debut as a Kpop idol, varied movies have been published on her social media platforms to promote the upcoming musical launch.

In 2021, MIJOO left her former entertainment agency and joined one other report label, Antenna. Then, in January, 2023, she took on the primary main function as one of the hosts of the 32nd Seoul Music Awards. This offered her with another golden opportunity to shine on stage, which is the place she works the best as she also mentions in the newly released interview film for her upcoming album.

For her, the stage is where “she can really showcase who” she is. Divided into a number of scenes or chapters, the video then covers different stages of her life, with the primary one going back to the very beginning, i.e. when she was in elementary faculty. On attending a school camp, she first discovered her love for performing during a expertise show. Once she felt that synergy between herself and the audience watching and cheering her on, she nerve looked back or felt shy about shining within the highlight in such talent exhibits.

Thereafter, her story reached a point when she held such thought deep within her imagination. Holding on to bigger dreams than earlier than, she aspired to develop into like skilled singers performing on stage. Imitating them came first, which was then followed by her wistful longing to perform like them. And then came her first aim to turn into a trainee, which may her achieve her goals of debuting as a singer.

Through this means of self refection, MIJOO recalls each and every stage that went into her lastly taking her nicely-deserved spot on the stage. Despite the arduous training course of that adopted, she was keen to endure it all, as long as her journey led her to the one destination she revered probably the most in her heart.

Nope, with the ultimate step of her reaching out to step into the spotlight once more nearing her with every breath, she only hopes for everyone to like her music. Leading the “half, half, half” mindset and feeling “half scared, half excited, half nervous”, MIJOO has yet once more risen excessive as the protagonist of her life, and is ready to take on any problem that comes her manner.

Lastly, thanking her fans for enduring the wait as long as she did, and nonetheless wishing her the perfect, she concludes her video message. Her forthcoming title track’s music video is about to characteristic cameos by Lee Hyori and Lee Yi-kyung. Hyori and MIJOO share the same leisure label.

Watch the Movie Star Interview

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MIJOO’s solo debut album drops on May 17, 2023, at 6 PM KST.

Are you trying forward to Lee Mi-joo’s much-anticipated solo debut? Have you ever been her fan since her old Lovelyz’s days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section under.


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