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Heavenly Delusion Episode 7 Review: The Repulsive Reality

Cleaned A Pose Scan RonHeavenly Delusion Episode 7 Review: The seventh episode, titled “The Immortal Order” goes deeper into the truth of the collapsed world. The episode premiered on May 13, 2023, on Disney+ Hotstar.

Heavenly Delusion Overview

Heavenly Delusion or Tengoku Daimakyo (天国大魔境) is adapted from the manga sequence of the identical name by Masakazu Ishiguro. Produced by Avex Pictures and from Production I.G studio, the plot of the collection surrounds the life of residents submit an unprecedented disaster that fully destroyed trendy civilization.

Distributed by Disney platforms, the present is directed by Hirotaka Mori, and Kensuke Ushio provides the music. The episode has a runtime of 20-25 minutes.

-Heavenly Delusion Episode 7 Review Contains No Spoilers-

The episode picks up from the place the previous one ended. It’s price mentioning that each episode gets better than the last, offering some mind-bending twists that one will never see it coming. However, it maintains to sustain with the humorous content to provide an entertaining aspect in the episode. The plot retains getting more advanced with every passing minute and leaves the viewers with unanswered questions.

The most important focus of this episode is on Maru and Kiruko as they’re approached but once more with a job to hunt down man-eaters. But this time, it’s not as easy and contains bigger conspiracies behind the consignment. Nevertheless, they each maintain a shut relationship and continuously transfer out of their way to protect one another from hurt.

It’s interesting to note that Maru and Kiruko’s relationship retains continuously evolving. Their dynamic changes with each major occasion; both they develop nearer or shut themselves out. Maru shows the emotions and actions of a teenage boy perfectly, which may be extraordinarily relatable to the youthful viewers. He typically acts impulsively due to being closely managed by his adolescence. However, he additionally consistently reveals indicators of maturity with regards to Kiruko, which indicates that he values her presence in his life probably the most. He further goes past his approach to acknowledge her previous traumas and perceive her certain reactions to things.

Kiruko, then again, is clearly caught with the ghosts of her past. She often calls out the names of the people in her previous life, which explains that she remains to be not over the occasions. Moreover, she is changing into comfortable around Maru and keeps her trust in him fully. Even then, she still bears the accountability to protect him throughout dire conditions earlier than thinking about her own effectively-being.

Furthermore, the plot turns into extra sophisticated by including twists and turns that provide depth and insight into certain characters. Slowly the audience will get a pretty good idea about the story and how it will be shifting forward, nevertheless it can even depart them equally extra confused. With an unique plotline and unpredictable sub-plots, the episode ends with yet another big revelation which raises the anticipation inside the fans of the show.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 7 Review: Final Thoughts

The latest episode is full of an amazing plotline that can keep the viewers on edge throughout. There just isn’t one dull second from start to finish, and it manages to keep the viewers hooked. Even if the scenes are integrated with humour, they are equally as necessary to the present in terms of plot and character growth. The present is increasingly getting attention-grabbing with every episode.

Heavenly Delusion is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Did you watch the present yet? What are your ideas? Tell us within the comments below!


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