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Dr Romantic Season three Episode 6 Recap and Review: Bitter Truths and a New Vision

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Dr Romantic season 3 (낭만닥터 김사부3) is the most recent season of the romance medical Kdrama of the identical title directed by Yoo In-shik. The present stars Han Seok-kyu, Lee Sung-kyung, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Joo-heon, So Ju-yeon, and Jin Kyung, alongside other cast members.

The new season brings the grand opening of Doldam Trauma Centre however with new challenges as Kim Sa-bu and his team face them in their professional and private lives. As the dimensions of incidents and accidents that the hospital has to manage, the crew has to offer top-quality care for their patients.

The show may have sixteen episodes and be broadcasted on SBS on the Friday-Saturday slot at 10 PM previously occupied by Taxi Driver season 2. Dr Romantic season 3 episode 6 has a run time of sixty nine minutes.

The synopsis of the show reads:


-Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Dr Romantic season three episode 6 begins with a little woman making her way to Doldam when she witnesses an accident going down. Elsewhere, Sa-bu goes by means of the surveillance to seek out out what result in In-su making the mistake. He soon finds the explanation for the error while the accident affected person is rushed into the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin and the others rush to avoid wasting the patient solely to realise that her situation is just too dangerous to carry out surgical procedure. Jin-man checks on the happenings, however rejects the docs when they start making ready for surgery. He seems at the low chance of the patient’s survival and makes this decision.

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Elsewhere, the little girl who arrived at Doldam in the ambulance sneaks in and comes face to face with Sa-bu. However, their interaction spreads rumours of her being Sa-bu’s daughter.

Eun-jae decides to name Sa-bu to seek his assist whereas the patient’s mother arrives and overhears Jin-man. She then recognises him and throws a slap which shocks everyone current. Sa-bu arrives and finds out concerning the patient’s scenario. He then tells the others to arrange for the surgery. Sa-bu then calms down the mom earlier than revealing what would happen subsequent.

Jin-man witnesses all this and begins a dispute with him, asking why he doesn’t cherish the doctors under him who have to face multiple cases. Sa-bu tells him that they are doctors who’re doing their job instead of serious about such consequences. Jin-man scoffs at his answer after which Sa-bu reveals that the affected person is a humidifier sufferer against whom Jin-man spoke in courtroom.

Free vector letter b leaf colorful logo gradient colorfulLater, Eun-jae asks Jin-man about this but earlier than they can end their dialog, she is known as to talk to the officers who’ve obtained additional details about this case. Meanwhile, Ah-reum is having late-night snacks with Dong-hwa and Sun-woong when the latter notices Dong-hwa’s infatuated expression.

He tells him about Ah-reum relationship somebody. After this Dong-hwa proceeds to ask her about her boyfriend, unaware, that it is Eun-tak who’s standing beside them. Meanwhile, In-su finds out that his daughter has disappeared from dwelling and ends up having an argument with his wife.

Unaware that his daughter Byeol has heard all of it while hiding from him. Then again, Woo-jin begins the surgery with Sa-bu. However, he instantly cuts his finger throughout the surgery which surprises everybody. The surgical procedure proceeds smoothly and they’re in a position to save lots of the patient.

However, she would require a lung transplant within a week to make it through. Unfortunately, they are met with the information that she might need been attempting to commit suicide. This might go away her unable to get a transplant and shocks everyone.

Jin-man arrives at this second and mocks Sa-bu for having performed a useless and risky surgical procedure. He makes Sa-bu face the harsh reality that the mother must face and makes Sa-bu realise how not pondering in regards to the doctors around him has brought forth a unfavorable impact.

Sa-bu is shaken up by this comment and begins to think about every part that he has been doing this entire time. From pushing the docs around him to their limit and not caring about the multiple trials that they’ve had to face.

Later, the anxious In-su finds his daughter in Sa-bu’s cabin and is finally relieved while the latter asks why he never told about the issues he has been having in his private life. Everything then comes flooding to Sa-bu who can not stop occupied with Jin-man’s words.

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 6 Ending

The next day, Woo-jin’s relationship with Eun-jae is revealed to In-su who’s surprised but additionally brings out his recommendation to him. Suddenly, Byeol asks about the patient who got here the night before and reveals what actually happened. Meanwhile, Jin-man tells Eun-jae to determine on a date to formally have him meet Woo-jin.

Back at the hospital, the patient’s mother is relieved to seek out out that her daughter did not try to commit suicide and is blissful that she will now get the transplant. Later, it is decided that Jin-man will likely be conducting the surgery on the affected person which comes as a surprise to others.

Sa-bu tells him that he’s giving Jin-man a probability to realize everyone’s trust and present him how he protects the medical doctors. Later, taking a look at the gang contained in the operation theatre surprises Woo-jin who sense the change that is quickly arriving.

Meanwhile, Dong-hwa asks Eun-tak about Ah-reum’s boyfriend which annoys the latter who then reveals that it’s himself.

Dr Romantic Season three Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 introduced out the flaw of our seemingly flawless Sa-bu, and whereas we may not wish to agree however Jin-man was proper in some methods. But this does not wash away Jin-man who nonetheless continues to be in our least favorite character record.

There have been many relationships on this present, nonetheless, the relationship between Sa-bu and the others is what’s highlighted here. Jin-man is somebody who makes positive to catch on every little flaw of Sa-bu and this vision of his is paving the best way for this season.


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