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Doctor Cha Episode 9 Twitter Reactions: Jeong-suk’s Savagery Fuels The Righteous Anger Online

Grapes in a ceramic bowlA new Korean Drama from JTBC is here, and the fans have spoken within the Doctor Cha Episode 9 Twitter reactions. Also called 닥터 차정숙, this collection stars Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Byung-chul, Min Wook-hyuk, Myung Se-bin, Song Ji-ho, Jo A-ram, Baek Joo-hee, Park Jun-Keum, Kim Mi-kyung, Lee Seo-yoon, So A-rin, Park Chul-min, Kimg Byung-choon, Lim Hyoung-soo and Kim Yea-eun, alongside other forged members.

This Korean Drama collection is directed by Kim Dae-Jin and written by Jung Yeo-Rang. This show reveals the protagonist making a drastic life-style alternative. After putting a pause on her medical resident profession to change into a homemaker, Cha Jeong-suk decides to begin her coaching once more when her husband, In-ho, a chief surgeon on the college hospital, cheats on her.

Strap in your seatbelts because the whiplash in this episode is crazy. Initially, we’re made to feel completely desolate as Jeong-suk deals with the truth that her husband is a cheating douchebag. She recalls her personal marriage ceremony and realises the sort of mess that made that event what it was. Now that mess is biting again at her in this manner. Meanwhile, Seung-hello is dealing together with her personal existential crisis, given that her daughter is obsessive about bringing Jeong-suk’s family to their knees.

Fortunately, we don’t see an all-out verbal brawl between Eun-search engine marketing and that i-rang on this episode, however we do see a cake smashing, which is one thing In-ho desperately deserves. In spite of everything this drama, Jeong-suk finally takes a moment to think and even consults a divorce law firm in order to see the most effective plan of action after this. She decides that the first thing can be to go away this home and move into the residential dorms at the hospital, the place she runs into Jung-min and Doctor Jeon.

As we know (and so does Doctor Cha) that the 2 of them are courting each other. Here is the place the Twitter reactions are available in. Jung-min ran away, incredibly scared that he could be discovered, and it was so comical that the rest of the Doctor Cha fandom needed to touch upon behalf of the poor Jung-min and specific that Jeong-suk is aware of all the pieces. He ought to maybe keep it discreet, not extremely loud like this. Another person on this episode has been extraordinarily loud, and it is In-ho.

For context, we see the medical volunteers go to a native village and provides them treatment for the form of ailments they’ve that can be treatable as a lot as possible in the intervening time. So In-ho goes reluctantly however solely after Jeong-suk signed up. Roy Kim can also be there, and he is able to make this the journey the place he and Jeong-suk turn out to be quick associates. While that’s not his express purpose, he has been laying it on pretty thick for Jeong-suk. A lot so that In-ho has been feeling jealous, and he doesn’t even like her!

The final time Jeong-suk’s mother-in-law had some brain cells, given the dishonest factor and the baby out-of-wedlock thing (which is the least of the problems). However, this time she backtracked so exhausting that she began blaming Jeong-suk for not being respectful at her personal birthday dinner. There is de facto no approach to stan this character anymore, and fans of the present express the identical disappointment. They’ve additionally commented how Doctor cha and its dishonest trope requires a degree of persistence most people don’t have for exhibits like this.

For the reason that hilarity in this episode was excessive, we see In-ho and Roy Kim get into some serious shenanigans which might be so funny. Surprisingly, nobody has taken to creating memes about the same as a result of the template is too hilarious. However, the savagery that Jeong-suk got here on this episode has not slipped past the individuals who have been waiting for the character to finally clap back at his uncivilised behaviour. Without any additional ado, listed below are the reactions from this episode.

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Twitter Reactions

I have this feeling that jongsuk’s mom will die early. 🥺#DoctorChaEp9 #DoctorCha

That’s why I doubt for as soon as everytime I’m on strategy to support mother in laws
Mother -in -laws simply can’t blame their son , Just Can’t .
Leaving their ride is a bigger crime than cheating her son did . Woah #DoctorChaEp9 #doctorcha pic.twitter.com/VNWti2AZmy

“your ex-girlfriend had similar taste as mine , from songs to men ”
Damn !!!!! #doctorcha #DoctorChaEp9 pic.twitter.com/L2dKs6lPVP

this is going to be attention-grabbing…
How is she going to act now with her mom-in-law?

#DoctorChaEp9 #doctorcha pic.twitter.com/ic7VBteNxT

He’s the friend/life partner Dr Cha deserves
*Wipes tears*#DrChaep9#DoctorChaEp9 #DoctorCha pic.twitter.com/4OylZOxG0J

insert *laughing in every language*#DoctorChaEp9#DoctorCha pic.twitter.com/MsNVJgQxhk

doctor cha latest ep received my blood strain rising i ought to simply wait until this drama ends

She is aware of!! Poor child!!
Will she ever be in a position to talk informally with Dr.Cha now who may very properly be her future mother-in-law! Lmao!!#DoctorCha #DoctorChaEp9 https://t.co/ZUcZmGyREJ

Jungmin does not know that her mother knew about his relationship. Someone, please inform him that dr. Cha is aware of every little thing 😂#DoctorChaEp9#DrChaEp9#DoctorCha#닥터차정숙 pic.twitter.com/ztbrLskX9R

im so dissatisfied with the children. they knew one thing was off with doctor cha but they didnt even come after her when she obtained off the automobile :(( #DrChaEp9

i need more of this! don’t make my jeongsuk sad too long and make her start her revenge soon 🫡
#DoctorCha #DoctorChaEp9 pic.twitter.com/JCxcK9mCdq

Dr. Kim Accidental KISS 🤣🤣
the best way he wiped his lips 🤣#DoctorCha #DoctorChaep9 pic.twitter.com/LU0LpAA2pN

سبب جمال السبت 😩❤️❤️❤️ #DoctorCha pic.twitter.com/UvVPA8NHeZ

That’s the restrict jebal Doctor Cha divorce him asap!!! #DoctorChaEp10 https://t.co/WcES3SD9TM

“Would you be glad if I die early”
“I hope you die earlier than me”#DoctorCha so unhinged 🤣🤣🤣#DoctorChaEp9 pic.twitter.com/Cf9dcHIngu

Lmao The way Dr Roy has answer for every thing I love him 😭🤣#DoctorChaEp9#DoctorCha pic.twitter.com/fE8tlZrLlC

Doctor Cha Episode 9 is at the moment streaming on Netflix. Do you think Jeong-suk may have the ability to get a clear divorce? Tell us within the comments, and take a look at our assessment of the episode below.


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