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Album: Take.1 are you There?

Last week I launched Giffiti, a simple app that let's you put GIF stickers on your photos. Would love to hear what you guys think! [iOS]So far as their name goes, they’ve been deemed the ‘Monsters of K-pop’ for a reason, but one can’t deny that there are manner too many underrated MONSTA X b-aspect tracks in their discography that are a drive to be reckoned with. Their common signature music type, as defined by many hits like their title tracks, including Shoot Out, Gambler, Hero, Alligator, Wanted, and extra is as fierce as their sturdy stage presence. However, this third-era K-pop music act continues to be going strong due to a numerous music graph that often indulges in their softer aspect.

Aside from their onerous-hitting album-fronting title songs, some musical gems often take the back seat and are sometimes sidelined. However, their fans, MONBEBEs, know higher than to ignore them; they’ve accepted their favourite group’s b-side additions as their hidden charm despite their discography being dominated by bombastic EDM and hip-hop tones. On the occasion of the 8th MONSTA X debut anniversary, we’re taking it sluggish and reliving the magic of the group’s softer b-side tracks.

While countless songs could match the bill, we’ve only resorted to choosing gentler or more upbeat entries for this listing.

Underrated MONSTA X B-facet Tracks That’ll Make You Fall in Love With Them Again

1. Burning Up (feat R3HAB)

2. If Only

3. Flow

4. U R

5. Lost within the Dream

The more you respect this, the lesser it’s. This OG queen deserves all the love in this world and MONBEBEs understand it the best. Not a single day goes by when Kihyun’s high be aware doesn’t hit us within the feels.

6. Wildfire

Album: Shape of Love (2022)

7. Puzzle

Album: Piece (2018)

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8. Underwater

9. Mirror

Originally performed as a special unit monitor by Shownu and Wonho throughout the group’s 2019 We are Here World Tour, it eventually made it to their following Korean album’s tracklist as an OT7 monitor.

10. Myself

11. See You Again

Album: Follow (2019)

12. 5:14 (Last Page)

Album: THE CLAN Pt 2.5 Beautiful (2017)

13. In Time

14. I Do Love You (Neol Hada)

Album: Take.1 Are You There? (2018)

15. From Zero

Album: The Code (2017)

16. Broken Heart

You can’t not cry over your non-existent romantic accomplice whereas listening to this track and driving down a rainy path, pretending as if you’re filming a music video.

17. Gasoline

Oh, the mystery this music concocted when it was first revealed as a part of a character teaser video through the Fantasia X era, just for it not to be included in the album in any respect! Finally, the 2020 album Love Killa fulfilled our Gasoline dreams.

18. Blue Moon

Eerie, yet still sensual. How is that even attainable? Only, MONSTA X can answer this question.

19. Sweetheart

Album: THE CLAN Pt 1 Lost (2016)

20. White Love

21. Miss You

THE CLAN Pt 2.5 Beautiful (2017)

22. No Reason

23. Nobody Else

Producer Hyungwon is extremely underrated. Can you consider that this golden R&B gem was his first self-composed song? On top of that, he included aromatic storytelling in his monitor on getting influenced by the characteristics of a perfume and the way its robust essence begins fading steadily with time, very like love in some circumstances.

24. Wish on the identical Sky

While this was initially released as a single track before being included on the Japanese EP, we’ve nonetheless included it as an underrated gem due to its honey-like melody that may transfer you to tears.

25. Beautiful Night

Album: Fantasia X (2020)

26. Night View

Album: Love Killa (2020)

27. Secrets

At this level, we’re just left contemplating what number of Secrets this group has, and that too in several languages. We stan multilingual kings.

28. The Dreaming

Album: The Dreaming (2021)

29. Interstellar

Album: Trespass (2015)

From severely traumatic No Mercy days to their eventual debut, this tune continues to be an iconic hit.

30. Gone Bad

Album: Rush (2015)

31. Roller Coaster

Album: THE CLAN Pt 2 Guilty (2016)

With a track as jubilant as this, our Roller Coaster of emotions is just going upon.

32. Ghost

Album: Take.2 We are Here (2019)

The haunting aura of this song is enough to make you consider of an eerie presence beside you.

33. Beside U (feat Pitbull) – IM Rap Version

Album: All About Luv (2020)

34. Secret

Album: Flavors of Love (2021)

35. Rotate

Album: One among a Kind (2021)

36. Destroyer

Album: The Connect : Dejavu (2018)

37. Find You

Albums: Follow (2019)

Although deemed an intro observe, this track brings together with it an infinite load of painful reminiscences. However, it’s video set in stone that the MONSTA X universe was really a thing and MONBEBEs weren’t just crazily joining implausible theories and linking the Dramarama period and their whole time loop storyline saga collectively for no purpose.

Debuting on May 14, 2015, MONSTA X was formed on the Mnet actuality competitors present No Mercy. Through the show, 7 members debuted as part of the boy group – Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, IM aka Changkyun, and Wonho (former) – that was to be managed by Starship Entertainment.

Happy MONSTA X Day!

Which other MONSTA X bside monitor has no plans of leaving your playlist? Let us know your favourites in the comments part beneath. Do let us know your favorite MONSTA X albums while you’re at it as properly.


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