4 Pores And Skin Issues You Can Get On Your Butt-lifeofhealthy.com

4 Pores And Skin Issues You Can Get On Your Butt-lifeofhealthy.com

4 Pores And Skin Issues You Can Get On Your Butt: Pores and skin issues can occur anyplace in your body—and that features your butt. From zits to stretch marks and every part in between, see tips on how to deal with and stop these frequent pores and skin issues down under.


What they’re: Small crimson lesions in your pores and skin. Although you usually see them in your face, “you may get them anyplace you may have hair follicles, together with your butt,” notes Chicago derm Carolyn Jacob, MD. Oil and lifeless pores and skin get clogged within the follicle, inflicting irritation and a killer zit.

Rx: Use a benzoyl peroxide cream to destroy acne-causing micro organism. If that does not do the trick, see your dermatologist for prescription topical antibiotics or Retin-A cream. One approach to cease pimples from popping up within the first place: Peel off your exercise garments instantly after exercising (all that moisture creates a breeding floor for micro organism), then leap into the bathe.

Stretch marks

What they’re: White or crimson strains attributable to your pores and skin stretching from speedy weight adjustments (say, throughout being pregnant). The strains kind when elastin and collagen fibers just under the floor weaken and tear, leaving streaks of indented pores and skin. Stretch marks are inclined to run in households, so in case your mother has them, you are extra more likely to as nicely.

Rx: Attempt to keep at a secure weight. Gaining—or gaining and losing—weight rapidly will stretch the pores and skin, Dr. Jacob says. Sadly, there’s not lots you are able to do about these telltale strains. In the event that they’re nonetheless pink, a prescription topical retinoid like Retin-A can fade them (it stimulates collagen progress, which helps plump out pores and skin). In the event that they’ve turned white, a laser therapy at your MD’s workplace might help—once more by stimulating collagen—however the outcomes often aren’t that nice.


What it’s: Mainly, a elaborate identify for the dimpled flesh attributable to bulging fats cells beneath the pores and skin. It seems bumpy as a result of the fats is pushing in opposition to the connective tissues beneath the pores and skin floor. “You possibly can discover cellulite as early as your 20s, when the pores and skin begins to get lax,” Dr. Jacob says. It could be extra noticeable in the event you’re chubby, although skinny girls will be plagued too, relying on their genetics (thanks, Mother!). In truth, about 90% of all girls have cellulite.

Rx: Your finest wager is to lose extra weight and train recurrently. “The much less fats, the much less cellulite,” Dr. Jacob explains. Within the meantime, attempt making use of a cream containing caffeine (corresponding to Clarins Physique Carry Cellulite Management, $43, amazon.com), which briefly tightens pores and skin, making your cottage-cheese marks much less obvious.

Butt rash

What it’s: If a crimson, itchy rash develops between your butt cheeks, it is likely to be intertrigo, attributable to the chafing collectively of heat, moist pores and skin, generally after you’re employed out.

Rx: Bathe instantly after you train, dry your self totally, and apply a small quantity of hydrocortisone cream. If the rash does not disappear in a number of days, see your physician to rule out a fungal an infection or different pores and skin situation, like psoriasis (the butt crack space is a traditional place to see psoriasis).


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